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As you are aware there are hundreds of recruitment consultancies and agencies to choose from, all working within different industries. But how do you know who is the best to find a job with? You don’t in truth! What you want is for a company to really work for you. A company that can really set you up to smash your next interview out of the park! Well that’s what Sydney Maxwell do!

Sydney Maxwell is all about being different and we like it! When the idea came about to start Sydney Maxwell, one strong feeling was that it must be built on the foundations of being different, unique and become a company that will stand out for all the right reasons.

But how can we stand out from the rest? For both our clients and candidates, how can we truly provide an incomparable service? Obviously we can’t give away our exact method on how we get each task done! Here are a few things we make sure to do:

  • Research: we strive to really understand you, your ethos and future goals
  • Communication: this is key to any successful relationship; we make sure that everyone is always kept in the loop with any given situation.
  • Headhunt: we target the candidates who are specific to the role and who are compatible to the company, meaning you learn about a new opportunity that can enrich your life.

Now you’re probably thinking, all recruitment companies must do this? Most will say they will, but do they? I for sure have had previous experience with companies that most definitely do not follow this or even work for you as a candidate!

You may think I’m bias towards the company, which pays me a salary, but for someone that has experienced both agencies and Sydney Maxwell, I think I can have a fair say. Every agency seemed to be the same, “come and meet us to sign up and discuss the positions we have available.” Now most of the time, if they actually read my CV the agency would have noticed that I wasn’t a suitable candidate. But after my interview was confirmed, I was sent away with three things to do:

  • Research the company
  • Dress smart
  • Show confidence

Sydney Maxwell contacted me about a position, which I was actually suitable for, I experienced a process that just doesn’t compare to any other consultancy or agency. The knowledge on both company and role given to me was a class above anything I’d experienced before. The time and effort Sydney Maxwell put in to actually finding out about who I am and what I’m about was again something I’ve never experienced! For the first time, I actually felt like I was set up to really succeed!  What I wasn’t expecting that they would offer me a position, all because of how I took on board the advice and the preparation I had done – I duly accepted.

At Sydney Maxwell, we cannot guarantee that you as a candidate will get the job, but what we can guarantee is that you’ll be set up with the right knowledge and put in the best frame of mind to really to give your best shot! For all our clients we guarantee to always produce candidates who only suit your company’s needs and requirements, through our process we create a shortlist of only elite candidates!

We set the stage for success.